The Gold package includes free form filling software with a video demo to help you set it up.  If you don't have a home computer you can work from your office or any cyber cafe. You can do this package full time or part time working at your own leisure.

You will be provided with two seperate logins for the Gold package.One login will be to access your training, tools & free software. The second login will be to access your report stats on any sales generated. The affiliate link you are provided will track any additional sales made through your reports. So in other words, you will be paid for the assignment and you will also be paid for any sales made on your assignment. You do not need any special type of computer skills or special software to use this program. Mac computers are fine to use as well.

Who Will Pay The Typists?
You will directly be working for us. will be the ones who supply the paychecks to all members at all times.

Your job is simply to fill forms online such as classified ad forms, job offers, blogs, forums or any other similar type of form issued in your assignment area. We supply you with the ad matter to fill
in the forms along with free form filling software and clear, step by step instructions on what to do. You have a list of assignments in your back office and you will have the entire month to complete each assignment. There is no minimum amount of work required per month. However, if you do not submit at least 1 assignment consecutively for two months in a row, your account will be closed.
Each assignment will be graded and you will have a chance to correct any mistakes. You are paid up to .17 cents for each individual ad you post. Payment frequency depends on your payment preference. If you wish to be paid through PayPal, your payments will be sent automatically after each individual report is graded. If you wish to be paid by any other option like western union or direct bank transfer, there is a $100 earning minimum before payment is released. For more details on this package please visit our FAQS Page.

The Gold package is a combination of online assignments which include basic ad posting, Blog posting, Posting Reviews, Posting in Forums, Posting in Facebook, Posting in Twitter and anything having to do with posting or filling forms on the web. The Gold package is very much like the silver package, however, the gold package allows more work to be done, therefore you will earn more than with the silver package. The Gold package also allows you to earn additional money on any sales generated through your reports. This is no extra work for you. All sales will be tracked through your reports by issuing all Gold members their own special affilate link. There is no country restriction on this package. We hire from all countries worldwide. Payments types include PayPal, Check by mail, western union or Direct bank transfer.
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Ad Posting is a simple job where you will be asked to copy paste ad matter into the classified and different ad forms all provided by us. You can post as many ads as you wish per month as long as it stays under your earning mininum for the Gold Package. We supply all the lists of free classifieds, blogs and any place we ask you to post so you never have to find them yourself.

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